To the Physiotherapist & Occupational Therapist 
ProPag would like to introduce Physiotherapists& Occupational Therapist to the knowledge of PODIATRY.

What’s Podiatry..?

“Podiatry is a branch of medicine devoted to the study

of diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the foot,

ankle and lower extremities.”

How common are foot problems?

Our feet are the foundation of the body. Like a strong foundation of the building determines the quality of the building,healthy feet are the key to an active lifestyle. At least 80% of general population has some foot problem. Unfortunately, due to lack of awareness, people do not know who to consult. Lack of knowledge makes them approach orthopedic doctors and physiotherapists, who can provide them help but only to a limited extent.Knowledge of podiatry helps you to provide that extra support that your patients need. The knowledge of lower limb bio-mechanics, muscle function along with customized insoles can provide the best results that we wish to give our patients. A holistic approach!! Thus, with the extra knowledge of podiatry, we can help patients get long lasting results. In turn, this will help generate great feed backs& even extra revenue (because you are now a SPECIALIST!)

Which foot problems Podiatry could help?
These Problem can directly Tackled

Why Physio or Occupational Therapist?
These professionals hold very thorough knowledge of bio-mechanics. This knowledge will helps them to diagnose the root cause & correlate the symptoms.

What are the prerequisites to start Podiatry practice…?

Unfortunately, in India we do not have degree courses in podiatry. With your degree and experience, you need a 2 day intensive training program to help you get the knowledge of prescribing the correct orthotics. This workshop will also help you understand further customization, in order to cater to your patient’s need. The workshop is a certified course by LBG.This assessment and treatment is clinically based. Hence, its quick & hassle free.

Who conducts this workshop?
ProPag is a company certified by LBG Medical, UK to conduct these workshops in India. Dr. Sarika and Dr. Megha are the representatives of this company who will be conducting this workshop for ProPag.

How will this workshop help to increase revenue?

There are mainly two aspects:
  • We suggest assessment which will take up to one hour inclusive of the diagnosis & prescription of the insoles. This can be charged in accordance with your consultation fees for 1 hour.
  • In addition, the profit margin of the orthotics and customization will help in giving your revenue the extra boost. 
What is the cost of the orthotics?
Range of the Orthotic insoles started from 4k & the orthotic footwear starts from 6k.

What will be content of workshop?
  • Lower Limb bio-mechanics  
  • Gait 
  • Pathomechanics and common conditions
  • Clinical assessment along with Practical 
  • Introduction to Orthotics 
  • Practical on orthotic Prescription & Customization 
  • Case Studies
  • Post workshop support: ongoing support for complicated cases through phone calls or emails.
  • Associates will be listed on our website.  




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